Parco del Beigua


To cover the paths of the Comunità Montana Argentea means to discover the part of the Ligurian Apennine (from the Beigua mount to the Punta Martin, through Rama, Argentea and Reixa) nearer the sea, a territory that conserve the memory of a complicated geologic history and offers a great variety of atmospheres and routes.

The ridge that joins the Beigua mount to the Punta Martin includes three legs of the Alta Via of Liguria Mounts: from Prato Rotondo to the Step of Faiallo, from the Step of Faiallo to the Step of Turchino and from the Step of Turchino to the Colla of Praglia. The shelter of Prato Rotondo, near the top of the Beigua mount, is an important point of reference for these excursions, than don’t present particular difficulties, but have to be completed always following the signs (the red small flag with AV symbol or the two blue small balls that indicate the watershed). It is moreover recommended to use precaution in the winter period and to bring water in summer: and will be unforgettable to walk between the sea taste and the meadows caress moved from the wind.

Evocative are also the routes that go up from the coast towards the watershed and reach the tops of the Alta Via. There are long and difficulty routes, but the panorama repays the hard work.



The trail markers represent geometric symbols and are red, in order to distinguish them from those of the Po side, of yellow colour (visible in case of fog). The propitious seasons to go up to the higher quotas are the autumn and the spring, while for all the year excursions of valley floor: also families with old and children will walk without difficulty to the shade of the wood, to refreshen up of summer in torrents and smalls lake and to make leg in the numerous shelters scattered in all the mountainous territory.

For who prefers to walk with experts, there is an excursions programme, organized from different territorial realities (Comunità Montana, Park of the Beigua, C.A.I.), that includes routes of different nature and difficulty.

Finally cannot be forgotten the March sea and mounts, international manifestation of great value, devised from the Municipality of Arenzano.