Turistic Offers

In a so evocative territory, where the mountainous ridge is two steps from the sea, there are many opportunities to choose in order to spend one or more days on contact with the nature and its beauty during the seasons, also for who looks for something different from the hiking, from the pleasure to walk with the rucksack and the climbing boots.

This web site section introduces some proposals of particular interest:

to who loves to photograph landscapes and natural atmospheres, we offer a pleasant photographic weekend, with an expert at your disposal for theoretical lesson near the shelter of Prato Rotondo and one day of photography on the territory;

to who is keen on cycle-hiking and understands the naturalistic and landscaped valence, we suggest the mountain bike routes, some of slope and descent from the Beigua mount, others of valley floor (these last ones presented in the publication of the Comunità Montana Argentea "sea of forests");



to who wishes to better know the characteristics of our hinterland, we indicate three nature ways, (two inserted in the publication "sea of forests", the third characterized and restored from the scout of Arenzano);

finally, to the schools and groups, sensitive to the environmental thematic is dedicated the section special boys, that includes many activities, organized from the Comunità Montana, like outdoor laboratories, didactic course, topic excursions.

To spend in "reserved" places a fine weekend, or a longer stay, you can contact us to incoming@altaviacmargentea.net